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The Collector

Photographer: Rodney Start (Melbourne Museum)

The History

It all started in 1986.  One time when we were on holidays, my brother and I admired a Gold Coast Milk Carton featuring a Surfer. He teased me, suggesting that I should start up a milk carton collection. It sounded like a great idea to me. 

Whenever we went away on holidays we’d pick up a milk carton from that area. Dad encouraged the collection. It was a fun thing to do and became part of our family holidays.  Many people thought I should throw away,  “the rubbish”.

My wife and I built special shelves to showcase the collection and now with the advent of the Internet, several special friends from the US and England have sent us milk cartons as well.

When I was ten,  I didn’t realize then that my milk carton collection would be a part of history.



Melbourne Museum


For the month of July my Milk Cartons are on display at the Melbourne Museum. There will be a milk carton signing day on the Saturday 15th of July at 2pm.

Pura Milk

The wonderful people at Pura have supplied uncirculated cartons of all the milk varieties they sell. They have also given me a whole bunch of milk cartons for milk carton signing day, plus pens, ballons and bags. We have been buying Pura milk cartons and drinking it as fast as we can. Pura Milk is always nice tasting and high quality.

We also went to the Pura Headquarters today at Pura House and Sonia was great to come down and chat with us and was very pleasent. Pura House, Great Place.

Right is a picture of Pura House 5 Queens Road Melbourne.

Milk Carton Signing Day

Milk carton signing day was held at the Melbourne Museum from 2pm – 3pm. Many kids came along wanting to start their own collection. For all the kids that came along I gave them a brand new milk carton collectible. I have included some pictures from the day and if you click on the images you will get a larger image.

For the people that started their collection today happy collecting!


I will be on TV (ABC TV Collectors)

The ABC Collectors show have been in contact with me and have said that my milk carton collection will be on that show. So please keep watching ABC Collectors and you will see the milk carton collection & me.

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