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I have received a few cartons from people from other places. These cartons are very much appreciated, Thank You!

You may send me milk cartons from where you live. If you would like to add to my collection please email me at:





Pura Milk

The wonderful people at Pura have supplied uncirculated cartons of all the milk varieties they sell. They have also given me a whole bunch of milk cartons for milk carton signing day, plus pens, ballons and bags. We have been buying Pura milk cartons and drinking it as fast as we can. Pura Milk is always nice tasting and high quality.

We also went to the Pura Headquarters today at Pura House and Sonia was great to come down and chat with us and was very pleasent. Pura House, Great Place.

Right is a picture of Pura House 5 Queens Road Melbourne.

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory

We received pens, posters and flat cardboard milk cartons from the people at Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory (WCBF). WCBF replied to us very quickly when we asked if they wanted to help with my milk carton exhibition at the Melbourne museum. Big thanks to the people at the WCBF.

ABC TV Collectors

ABC TV Collectors show is on every Friday night at 8 pm. The show is well worth watching for any collector of anything collecatble. ABC TV have not donated any cartons though!

Buzz Box Driving School

Buzz Box proudly pays the bills to keep this site online. Thanks Buzz Box.

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