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To Start Your Collection (Instructions)

Step 1

You will need to rinse out your milk carton with water twice to remove all excess milk. Hold the carton upside down and shake to remove excess water.

Leave the spout open for a day so that all moisture inside the carton will evaporate.








Step 2

sThe carton now needs to be pegged for about 2 days. You will know you are done with the peg stage if when you take the pegs off the spout will not open.











Step 3

sNow you will need to glue the carton. You can use any sort of paper glue to glue the carton closed. I prefer to use Tarzan's Grip which gives a nice strong bond.












Step 4

sOnce you have glued you will need to re-peg and leave the carton for a week. You now have a complete milk carton collectable!











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